opinionIt’s been real…
By E. I. Sto. Domingo

Every Pinoy knows what KSP means or at least the ones who speak the language. KSP means kulang sa pansin literally means attention deprived but in our own defiition it means attention seeker. A simple definition is narcissistic or full of oneself.

When one is called KSP, it’s meant as a comical way of describing one who craves attention. Similar to your friend and everyone has one of those friends – who are always the Bangka (dealer – or the loudest) in every conversation. He/she just happens to be knowledgeable in all topics.

There’s also a Pinoy term manhid, which is defined as numb or in this case someone oblivious to his surroundings. KSP and manhid kinda’ go hand in hand. A person who is manhid is generally considered unfazed by what others may think of hi/her actions.

We also have the word hiya, which translates to shy, as in mahiyain or to feel embarrassed as in mahiya. Its synonym is shame as in hiya or napahiya. This is one of those Filipino traits that somehow we lost upon setting our feet in the USA.

Hiya is the opposite of KSP and manhid, but interrelated somehow. For instance, if one is labeled KSP, this person is manhid and walang hiya (no shame).

But the most dangerous form of KSP, in my mind, are the so-called community leaders, or activists, as they want to be called, who espouse their will on others, fid a mouthpiece, and in this case finding the perfect person to carry out their intentions.


I wrote in my last column that efforts to have a sit down discussion between the FCS board and the opposition was in the offing. The lawyer representing the opposition wrote in their cover letter to talk or they litigate. Apparently while the FCS Board agreed to talk, making arrangements on how this meeting was to take place, the lawsuit was fied. The sit-down, which seemed to be a reasonable suggestion by the opposition
lawyers, never took place.


So who are they suing? Just the current FCS board members. Omitted from the lawsuit were the past president and vice president of the board. After all, they were the leaders of the board at the time. A little selective perhaps?


According to reliable sources, four of the litigants voted yes to the amendment and one abstained. Although the one person who abstained disputed that and claimed that she changed her vote to a nay. And here’s the kicker – one of the 13 signatories of this lawsuit has a daughter that is currently on the FCS board — yup the same board that’s being sued.


So are we really helping our Philippine Village project by calling State Legislators to rescind the money awarded to the FCS? Is it because they felt left out of the picture taking?


Hey a shout out to Edwin Carlos for partnering with me in winning the Calpe Tennis Tournament held Aug. 8 in Mt. Lake Terrace. And for winning a couple of matches in Canada on Aug. 15 — too bad the team lost. Oh well, get ‘em next year.


It’s been real…

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