Meet The Team

A fresh restart of the FilAm Herald.

Sheila Burrus - Publisher

The newspaper known for being the oldest FilAm publication in Washington now is at the dawn of change. They ran a good race and passed the baton to the next generation.

The publishers may come and go, but the essence of the paper will continue, with its tradition of covering the local happenings in our very own community and keeping the traditions of helping the community with useful information.

Adding different flavors and becoming more relevant to the way we communicate.

We will launch our website in a few weeks, Facebook page will be updated and Twitter feeds will be more current and up to date so you don't have to wait for our monthly issue. You get clear, up to date information.

We will celebrate our communities’ success and advocate for our needs. Focusing on all aspects of our community, the youth, seniors and family. Anyone who wants to contribute meaningfully to their community and local area, can do so.

Every community needs its own public voice. How else can neighbors communicate with neighbors? Especially now that our community has expanded its footprint in the Pacific Northwest. How else can we talk meaningfully about local programs, successes and needs?

It's important that we keep our lines of communication open and FilAm Herald will continue with its mission to be a platform for the voice of the community.

Sto Domingo

Editor in Chief

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Emma Catague

Account Executive

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Romy Ramos

Copy Editor

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Detrix Custodio

Circulation Manager

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Florian Purganan

Legal Column Contributor

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Cynthia Ramos


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